Who We Are

Strike Solutions is a team of former Warfighters, mission partners, and industry leaders who bring together mission expertise and leading-edge technologies to deliver Warfighter capabilities.

What we Do

We deliver technology-driven solutions to complex sensor / sense-making operations and intelligence challenges. We specialize in maneuvering outside traditional bureaucratic boundaries on behalf of the most demanding customers in order to get the job done.

We excel in:

  • Multi-sensor Collection, Fusion, and Analytics
  • Operational Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, and Machine Learning
  • Electronic Attack and Electronic Protection
  • Joint All-Domain Command and Control
  • Manufacturing Low Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWaP-C) Sensors and Edge Processing
  • Technical Surveillance Training
  • Sensitive Activities Mission Support
  • Conventional and Sensitive Activities Exercise Support


Systems Integration

Designing and integrating systems big and small, we provide scalable and integrated solutions tailored to mission needs. Whether it be hardware or mission-critical software applications, Strike brings best in class System Engineering and System Integration principles to deliver powerful capabilities to its users.

Training Support

Strike helps develop, deliver and maintain world-class training courses for operators. Courses enabled by Strike are notable for their current technical information and hands-on labs and demonstrations developed by experts spanning multiple domains.

Mission and Exercise Support

Our team is prepared to sit side-by-side with users/operators in any environment. We understand our responsibilities to our customers does not end at system delivery. We’ll be there with you to ensure mission and exercise success.


Strike products are modular and built for integration and mission utility. Our product solutions integrate well with external systems both physically and from a software perspective through available APIs. With integration and utility considered from inception, we leverage open transport and provide operator friendly tools commonly across our product line. Some exemplar packages include a platform-agnostic application for viewing and sense-making of a multitude of data types, or a dead-simple/operator-friendly command and control tool.

Hardware Solutions

Strike provides equipment for a wide range of operational needs to include low SWaP-C, UxS ready, maritime, man/vehicle portable, permanent road-side install, custom or on-prem fixed-ground/data-center deployments.


Software Defined Radio

The Strike Software Defined Radio packages enable a range of operational capabilities. Our flagship capability provides novel approaches to remote ground/vehicle sensing and tracking, while the reconfigurable radio platform fuels diverse mission solutions such as those found in airborne and maritime applications.

Edge Vision Processing

Strike brings vision processing on-premise and to the edge. Paired with radio frequency (RF) sensing, we enable broad spectrum data fusion for the operator.


Our small-form-factor/low SWaP-C software and hardware solutions provide a wide range of sensing and communications options. The software is designed for low CPU/memory requirements to make a great standalone or capability suitable for integration on a wide range of platforms.


Our small-team dynamic promotes an environment of flexible solutions and rapid innovation…by Warfighters for Warfighters.


  • We push the limits of traditional bureaucratic boundaries to rapidly deliver the best solutions to the world’s toughest customers.
  • We have extensive reach and partnerships within military and commercial industries that allow us to bring the best options to bear.
  • We are privately owned… the customer, not the shareholder, defines our success, and we insist on working with the best.